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Dramatherapy is the intentional use of dramatic techniques to help, heal or encourage change. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about things which are uncomfortable or difficult in life. Dramatherapy allows these issues to be addressed without the need for words.

It allows people to express themselves, and their own stories through the Drama and play! Often this includes the use of metaphor and the ‘AS IF’ imaginary world. Just some of the things which could take place in Dramatherapy are; role-play, story making, puppetry, games, props/objects, improvisation, script work, playing, costume, mask, mime, movement and voice work. Dramatherapy encourages communication through creativity. It is often fun, but can also involve exploration of struggles or things which are difficult for clients to discuss.

Dramatherapy can assist adults and children of all ages who are dealing with many issues including grief, anger, anxiety or self esteem issues. It allows a safe space to explore different issues with a fully trained and qualified Psychodynamic Dramatherapist. Beau works with people weekly either as part of a group or in individual sessions. Sessions are client led and take place in specially chosen safe studios in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and London

Beau has experience working with a variety of mental health problems in a psychiatric NHS facility, extensive experience working with young people with ASD and with teenagers with Emotional/ Behavioural difficulties.

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